Glob Top Epoxies

E-linking glob top systems feature customized flow options for easy dispensing.E-linking’s unique glob top compounds are ideal for the encapsulation of semiconductor chips and wire bonds mostly in chip on board (COB) applications. These formulations offer protection against moisture, chemicals and contaminants. Additionally, they minimize the thermal mismatch between chips and substrates. They also provide mechanical support and electrically insulative properties.

Types of Glob Top Coatings

  • One component epoxies

  • Two component epoxies

  • UV curing systems

Benefits of E-linking Glob Top Coatings

    E-linking compounds can also be used in another method of glob top encapsulation, known as dam and fill.
  •   • Low stress

  •   • Low outagssing

  •   • Low shrinkage

  •   • Easy application

  •   • High purity

  •   • Fast cure speeds

  •   • Special flow properties

Most Popular Products for Connector

ELINBOND E105One component ,Ease of use

High hot strength,Structural bonds at elevated temperatures

excellent resistance to  chemical,Withstand harsh environment


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