UV Curable

E-linking elastomeric contact cements are formulated with a variety of synthetic and natural rubbers and special thermosetting resins.E-linking high performance elastomeric adhesives and sealants offer high strength bonds and exceptional flexibility. They require no mixing, are easy to apply and cure at ambient temperatures.

Performance Properties of Elastomeric Adhesives

Available for use in a variety of thicknesses, cure speeds, temperature and chemical resistance. Special elastomeric adhesive grades provide:

  • Durability

  • Gap filling capabilities

  • Superior electrical insulation properties

  • Thermal and electrical conductivity

  • Outstanding chemical resistance

  • Excellent water resistance

  • Cryogenic and high temperature serviceability

  • Resistance to vibration, shock, impact and thermal cycling

Using Elastomeric Adhesives for Bonding Plastic Substrates

These resilient compounds will bond and seal dissimilar substrates with different expansion and contraction coefficients. This includes numerous porous and nonporous surfaces including hard to bond plastics. Additionally they have excellent aging properties.

  • Typical application methods:

  • Brush

  • Trowel

  • Roll coater

  • Spray

  • Spatula


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