Adhesive Systems for LED Assembly

E-linking's advanced epoxy formulations are ideal for the assembly of LED devices.Advanced polymer formulations offer outstanding environmental protection and improved performance in LED applications. A wide range of systems are available for use including:

  • Conformal coatings

  • Die attach adhesives

  • Optical grade encapsulants

  • Thermally conductive adhesives

Specific grades feature resistance to humidity, UV degradation, high/low temperatures, abrasion, mechanical stresses and chemicals. They also offer high optical clarity, a wide range of refractive index values, softness, and thermal cycling reliability.

Typical Applications

  • Displays

  • Automotive lighting

  • Mobile devices

  • Traffic lights

  • Signs

  • Stage lighting

Most Popular Products for LED Assembly

ELINOPTO E323Ultra High thermal Conductivity, Die Attach Adhesive. Thixotropic, Excellent Dispensability; High strength, High reliability; High thermal conductivity, Provides a conductive heat path.


Strong adhesion,High reliability

High  Refractive index,Enhance LED lumen

No yellowing due to heat and UV light,ong-life LEDs

OurLatest Product

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